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Angela & Gerry

We exist to...

Live our days on our terms with deeper levels of understanding about who we are and how we wish to serve.  We wish to give back to others and not take so much from the earth and so simplifying our life is also inspiring.  We wish to do a few beautiful and meaningful things with the time we have been gifted and inspire others to live the same.  


We do the inspired work on ourselves with a few inspired tools that in this noisy world just helps us stay connected to ourselves, each other and to what matters.  This is Inspired Living...finding that one thing and living and breathing it like there's nothing else...


We stay connected to ourselves and each other through BIG questions and daily actions...


We connect to each other through transformational stories that lift the human spirit


We remove ourselves to create ourselves.  We reconnect to the simple things that matter...



Each fall we help you renew and deepen your connection to self, to others and to your path...

“Gerry and Angela in my humble opinion are incredible professionals in all the work they do... public speaking, writing, publishing, branding, coaching, meditation, but most of all inspiring people, and connecting to people’s hearts authenticity. I invite you to find a way to be in their presence, their community, and soak up all the brilliance they have to share! The world is a better place because of their dedication and commitment! I am truly proud to be apart of this mission of inspiring 1 million WHY’s!!!
Thank you both!”
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Renata Anne Kiss

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