Why do we wait so long to truly Live?

What does it take to wake up to the Life you are meant to Live?

Gerry Visca



Author of:

  • The Life I Didn't Notice

  • Remembering Why

  • Why am I Here? 

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Welcome to the travelling manuscript for The Life I Noticed.

When I wrote The Life I Didn't Notice we decided to do something completely creative and release, it for a few months, as a travelling manuscript and so it made it's way lovingly around the world.  There is just something magical about receiving the original manuscript from the author. People loved being a part of it. 


They praised the inspirational story and deeply connected with Lilly.  With the release of the published book, it continued the exciting journey of awakening and transformation in people around the world.

So fast-forward after coming back from Tuscany, where my words come to life each year; and I am now releasing the next travelling manuscript, this time in digital format on this site.  It will be ready for 100 amazing humans to read it and comment on it towards the end of June 2020.  I remind you that this is a "manuscript" that has already gone though an extensive editing process but it does continue to do so, even as I write these words.

I'm honoured to share what happens to the heroine Lilly Fiels in the year following her near-death experience - her year to really live and notice the miracle of her life; the one she is meant to live.

I choose to create profound transformative novels and collaborative experiences that help the world.

Enjoy and let the life you are meant to live come to life for you...

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